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Water Collection And Supply During Disaster

While most of the people do not pay attention to the importance of having continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water, it becomes a major concern in the time of disaster aftermath. Through all the things that are termed as necessity during the time of disaster water remains the severe need of people.


During disaster everything is in havoc as people are terrified of losing their lives, family, property and various other things. People have to be made to understand that during and post disaster there are certain thing which should never be overlooked. Our human body consists of more than 70 percent water making it the essence of our survival and during disaster conserving and protecting the remaining water resources are more important.


While people might have difficulty in understanding as to why conserving and protecting remaining water resources is important during time of disaster and it depends to educate people on such things because water does become the most essential factor for life and death. Water could be collected from any source if they are not contaminated which includes ponds, lakes or streams but rainwater could be an excellent choice as well. It is extra important that people put care to make water safe and drinkable.


Treating water to make it drinkable requires some knowledge on it and many people of urban areas are already known to this fact but it becomes major problem in rural remote areas where numbers of people are known to be drinking germ infested water. In case of disaster aftermath, Practical Answers has been able to provide its free technical resources. The articles provided by Practical Answers on water supply during disaster consists of detailed and long explanation on water resource conservation and how they can be managed for making it drinkable during the time of disaster.


Practical Answers is popular for its detailed and easy-going resources which has thousands of resources already being used and downloaded. Water supply might get easily destroyed during disaster and it depends on us to conserve what is remaining and make the water drinkable.

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Advantages Of Solar Cooking On Health

As people might not have knowledge on the fact that nearly 3 million people are engaged in using solid fuels and more than 2.5 billion people live in today’s world without electricity, energy development in rural remote regions of the world is still slow and continuous process. Development of renewable energy could be the only alternative to such massive population.


Among all the renewable energies developing solar energy would be the easiest and efficient one. With solar photovoltaic and various forms of solar energies being constantly developed in last century, millions of people have had access to solar power utilization.  While most people are not familiar with the process of utilizing solar stoves and cookers, it is also a great way to utilize sunlight as everyday fuel source. Burning solid fuels is a root problem for various respiratory health problems among population of rural region and it is also biggest threat to our plant because of carbon release.


If solar cookers are used properly it could be a safe and convenient way of cooking everyday meal including vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains and all other sorts of food. Solar cookers are excellent way of cooking food without burning solid fuels but extra care has to be given while cooking meat and water pasteurization because of the correct temperature they have to be cooked in. solar cooking eliminates the use of solid fuels allowing better health and surrounding around people. Solar cooking doesn’t require constant stirring and cooking like in direct wood as it allows all ingredients to be cooked at ones.


Sun is an excellent source of energy to our earth and the fact that it can be used for cooking is a proof in itself. Talking about solar cooking techniques and cookers doesn’t help people but making such energy available to people does. With help of guides and resources from Practical Answers, NGOs are helping thousands of people to have access in utilizing solar cookers. With easy demonstration of solar cooker utilization anyone can learn how to use it but it is a matter of making such cookers available to people that makes a difference in solar cooking and health of people.

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Flood Disaster Early Warning Measures

Flood can be defined as a natural calamity which occurs due to the overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. Flooding is simply the process in which the dry land gets covered with water. Flood may be of various types, it may occur from over-flowing lakes or rivers and it might also occur as flash flood which is most dangerous one.


The flooding from other water resources is not harmful as the flash floods are. Flash floods are the cause of natural calamity which ends up taking various lives at once including domestic animals. Floods are quite common in developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lank and India and are also cause of destruction. Nepal can be taken as an excellent example of country which gets affected by flood very often. In past year, it suffered huge flood causing loss of many lives and properties.


With people not being concerned about flood, it became major disaster as the rainfall acted as catalyst to over-flood river. As the water swept away properties, domestic animals and almost everything people became homeless for months having no basic necessity to fulfill their basic needs. With government and other organizational help they have gone back to their normal lives. But, is going back to normal life okay to be safe? What will happen if such situation occurs again? Can people protect themselves in case of such calamity?


Floods are like any other natural disaster and are unpredictable, being prepared depends on us. Flood disaster early warning system can be a good way to ensure people safety from such disaster but since many people are not familiar with such system it is necessary that they understand these things first.


After such disaster in Nepal many organizations have involved them in education people of developing nations of early flood warning system through help from Practical Answers guides. Practical Answers is a technical information center which operates online. Its resources on disaster early warning system have been used variedly in many developing regions.


Disasters are unpredictable and leaves huge dent in the path of success and it’s our responsibility that as many people as possible are aware about the early warning measures.


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Renewable Energy Development In Rural Areas

Having abundance of renewable energy doesn’t help the people living in rural remotes regions to have access to better energy source rather than solid fuels. Renewable energies have developed continuously over the past decades but still millions of people are not able to access it. Development of renewable energy could turn the lives of poverty-stricken people into better direction.


Solar, wind and hydro power are the biggest source of energy in our planet. Their utilization has faded due to high consumption of fossil fuels but their use is expanding again. People having access to energy are lucky to have it but helping millions of people who still live in darkness should be our concern. Renewable energy could be solution to solve problem of burning solid fuels. Depending on certain place or regions development of different form of energy can be made. Places like Africa, Kenya and Sudan get extensive sunlight throughout the year making this place suitable for solar energy. Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have wide water resource which makes development of hydro power energy and remote regions of Pakistan has prospects for wind energy development.


Prospering these energies successfully in such remote areas will lead to development of people’s lives in every aspect. Most of people living in these areas are under-privileged and developing renewable energy in rural areas will provide them with employment opportunity. Energy can be in any form of heat or electricity as both these energy will significantly reduce dependence on solid fuels. Electricity will give people to work even after sunlight and using electrical appliances people can coo k their food.


In one of the work done in Nepal development of mini hydro power project in remote regions gave them access to both electricity and power. People used the guide provided by Practical Answers an online resource center. They were able to fulfill their need for renewable energy through the help of experts and manuals provided by Practical Answers. Energy development can have positive impact on people’s lives. Starting the work requires some work but flourishing them can be done within short period of time.


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Development Of Solar Energy And Its Advantages

Solar energy has been developing rapidly throughout the world as people are getting more concerned about our earth and their health. With millions of people living in developing poor countries still being completely dependent on solid fuels development of solar photovoltaic energy has helped them in numerous.


Helping such massive amount of population with accessible renewable energy is not an easy feat. Government and organizations must come forward with initial capital to start such process. Information and guides plays vital role while starting such project. With the guides provided by Practical Answers, developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka has access to utilizing solar photovoltaic energy. People had drastic change in their economic lifestyle within few months. Women also got chance to be involved in income generating activities.


Photovoltaic can be defined as a method where the sunlight is converted into electricity. A photovoltaic system consists of solar panels composed of a number of solar cells to supply usable solar power. Power generation from solar PV has been considered as the source of renewable energy which generates its power from ultimate energy source of earth – the sun.


Development of solar grids has been a long process and developed countries are far more advanced in such process. Advancements in technology and increase in manufacturing and sophistication of photovoltaic has decreased the price significantly in comparison to the past. It has leveled the price of solar PVs making it more accessible to people living in poor state.

Solar energy is taken as alternative energy resource but that is not the case as it is the ultimate energy source and power to our earth. Without it earth won’t be survivable. We need to learn to use the available means to us and although using fuel seems much simpler option people have to be aware about its effects on earth and their health.

Developing energy resources is an easy task but making it available to people in need is much difficult task. Working together people can use safe and green energy which will benefit all of us.


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Increment In Use Of Renewable Energy In Rural Areas

Energy is very important to human beings and essential for our survival as well. Most of the energy sources that we use today are very harmful to environment as well as to us. People are mostly dependent of non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels which are very hard to extract and found in limited place but this has been changing over the span of few decades.


As we all know that the prices of fuels like petrol and diesel are always fluctuating all over the world. There are many reasons for it and such fluctuation is even worse in context of developing countries. People living in city areas only have access to this easy energy source but there is always some sort of shortage and spike in the price rate. So, what could be the best option for managing such problems?


Renewable sources are replenished by nature but fossil fuels are not so it is important that we consider the proper use of it. When it comes to accessing any form of energy it is very difficult for people living in rural areas. Utilization of renewable energy in rural areas can be the best way of providing them with chance for better life. Energy generated from sunlight, wind, grids are easy to use and cheaper in long term.


For generation of such energy, installation of machinery in correct way is very important but where can we get the information on such topics. As we all now days get the all the answer from-internet. Internet has become the ultimate destination for our every queries and it does not disappoints of failing in answering our question. Numerous websites dedicated to help people on such topics are found and one of them is Practical Answers. This particular site has information on many technical resources and one of them is on providing renewable energy for rural areas.


To sum up, renewable energy can be easily accessible through simple efforts and people dwelling in rural remote areas can have real chance at living a comfortable easy life by accessing such energy resource.

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Renewable Energy Practices And Use Of Bio Gas

Biogas refers to the gas formed by mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as municipal waste agricultural waste, manure, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste.


Practical Answers is an online information center which provides technical knowledge on various resources. It aims to reduce global poverty through its guides and manuals. It encourages the use of bio-gas renewable energy practices. Information is provided on multiple resources in various forms like video, audio, guides and manuals.


Bio-gas renewable energy practices are getting fairly popular because of its beneficial nature. When comes to cooking, heating water and domestic purpose these have arguably proved to be the better alternative than fossil fuels. Comparison between bio-gas and bio-mass suggests that bio-gas is much advantageous to people of rural areas than bio-mass.


Today, there are more than millions of bio-gas plants that are available in developing countries like India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh. Such bio-gases are produced in small-scale in order to meet the requirement of small community or individual house-hold. The construction of such bio-gas is relatively very cheap and utilization of human excreta, household wastes and cattle manure can be done for gas generation.  The anaerobic fermentation of human excreta, waste products and cattle manure is a cheap way of getting energy at the same time handling the waste products as well.


When organic material is digested in an anaerobic environment only then bio-gas is produced. One of the most commonly used biogas producer is home-based fixed dome models which are used by small house-hold mostly for cooking purpose and at times for lighting purpose as well. House-hold bio-gas commonly and mostly uses cattle manure, house-hold wastes and human waste.


Health is the basic factor of human life and both firewood and bio-fuel has effects upon the health because of smoke production but in oppose to that bio-fuel drastically improves the internal environment of house-hold. Replacing firewood with biogas would also have positive effect on deforestation improving the environment.